ArrowStream Process

furniture1Much like a mountain stream that flows smoothly and freely between the rocks, running its course through the landscape, the ArrowStream Process improves your workspace flow and supply management setting the course for smooth sailing for your business. The ArrowStream Process is all about Making it Happen, so you can focus on what you do best, running your business. Lighten your load and let the ArrowStream Process bring peace of mind to your office.

  • Easy Access: At Arrow, you have a personal account representative and direct access to ownership. We listen to your comments and suggestions with real people answering your calls.
  • Ordering Process: ArrowStream allows our customer to order from a selection over 60,000 office products.  Ordering can be done on line, over the phone, via fax, or by email which ever process suits your needs.
  • Inventory Management: Take the hassle out of ordering office supplies. With the inventory management feature of the ArrowStream Process, your supply closet will stay stocked with the products you need to run your business day in and day out.
  • Delivery: ArrowStream gives our customers free next day delivery on office supplies with no minimum order.  Same day emergency delivery is also available when needed.  Our dedicated delivery personnel will put your products where you want them not just drop them inside your door.
  • Workspace Flow: Optimize your workspace and work flow by selecting the proper style, size and features of your furniture.  Space Planning is done by our professionals with our customers input and needs always being the top priority.  With our Office Design Layouts  and furniture product knowledge that spans hundreds of manufactures, your space will fit your function to optimize work flow.
  • furniture2No Mess, No Stress Furniture Installation: Furniture is assembled prior to delivery at Arrow by our team who are familiar with the product and how it should be constructed.  This eliminates the mess of unpacking product in our customer’s office, and the disruption it creates for your employees.  All packing material is recycled by Arrow to help protect our environment.
  • Special Orders: Can’t find what you are looking for? Have a tight deadline? We will gladly do the hunting for you and place special orders with our suppliers to fulfill your needs.