Bullseye’s House

Bullseye’s House, named after Arrow’s biggest fan of furniture and bargains, is one of the largest used, recycled and alternative brand furniture showrooms in Boulder — located at 2418 30th Street. Take a look around at the ever-changing selection of used furniture for your office building, start-up space, or home office.

chairsFrom desks, to conference tables, to work stations, to chairs, to file storage, Bullseye’s House will furnish your office within your budget. Not only do you find bargains, but Arrow offers Free Space Planning and Office Design with purchase. Not only will filling your office space be easier, but your project will be managed by the can do staff at Arrow, so you can focus on your business.

When all is said,ry=400[1] (26) assembled and delivered, Arrow will even teach you how to attain the most ergonomic set-up for your chair, desk or workspace.  Demo seating is the best way to buy a chair to be sure that you are comfortable with it in your work environment, at Arrow we prefer you try it before you buy it.

If you can’t find what you want in the show room, browse our catalog for thousands of options from hundreds of manufacturers.   Here are some but not all whose products are available at Arrow.