Decorate Your Office for Halloween

Halloween is fast approaching and we want to help make your office spooky and festive! Check out these great ideas and products:

Pumpkin Decorations
The jack-o-lantern is an iconic Halloween decoration, but carving a pumpkin can be messy and time consuming. A fun alternative is to paint your pumpkin or use confetti or glitter to spice up your workspace. Click here for some great examples to help you decorate the perfect no-carve pumpkin.

Paper PumpkinsPaper Pumpkins
Add some orange or black construction paper to your next order to make some fun Halloween-inspired pumpkin cutouts. Follow these easy instructions to make festive paper pumpkins.

Accent Colors
Does your office have a strict decorating policy? You can still get in the Halloween spirit with fall accent colors in your everyday office products. For example, check out this Halloween-colored office chair.

Have a little fun this fall and let Arrow Office Products & Interiors help you decorate your workspace!