5 Ways to Celebrate Your Employees this Holiday Season

The holiday season is the perfect opportunity to let employees know how much you appreciate them. This can be done through gifts, certificates, parties, etc. Here are some ideas that are sure to tell your employees that you value them.

employee appreciation

Ugly Sweater Contest

Giving your employees a day to wear the most god-awful, gaudy sweater they could find lets them express their personality in a way that’s season-appropriate. They can pose for group pictures so that you all can laugh at how terrible everyone looks, together.

Employee-Centric Holiday Card

Featuring your employees on the company holiday card is a great way for your customers and clients to get to meet the people behind the scenes. This gives your employees the satisfaction of seeing that they, too, are a part of the business, not just cogs in the machine.

Holiday Luncheon

Give everyone an hour or two during a certain day to celebrate all that they’ve accomplished together during the past year. This is a wonderful teambuilding activity that allows your employees cross-function interaction that they may otherwise miss.

One Free Day to Call Out

The holiday season is a busy time for both businesses and employees alike. Giving your employees a free day to call out of work shows that you acknowledge there may be some familial obligations they need extra time to prepare for.

Be a Mentor

Sometimes, the greatest gift of all is knowledge. Giving your employees advice and mentorship during the holiday season shows that you care about what they bring to the business. Doing so enhances their chances of moving up into key roles later in their career, and gives you a chance to connect with your staff in new ways.

The holiday season is about making connections that will carry deep into the year ahead. Being able to connect with your employees is a great way to implement incentives and motivation in a staff without slashing your employee benefits budget.