5 Events in Boulder this Fall for Small Business Owners

Networking is the mainframe of any expanding business. Without it, the business risks becoming unable to adapt when the market changes. It also emphasizes that positive community relationships are paramount to a successful business.

Here are a few networking opportunities this fall for small business owners in Boulder County:

1.      Strategic Connections Flat Irons 2016 Open House: (Free)
Thursday October 20, 7:30-9:30 AM MDT,
TBD Boulder, Co.

The Colorado Thought Leaders Forum holds this event to bring an open forum for sharing valuable, timely information among business leaders that influence not only the business leader themselves, but the business as a whole.

2.      2016 Workers Comp. Safety Seminar: Safety Through Good Hiring Practices: (Free)
Wednesday October 26, 11:00 am-12:52 pm, RSVP by October 25th
Longmont Chamber Commerce Room:
528 Main St. Longmont Co. 80501

This course offers attendee’s the opportunity to learn how to safely introduce employees to your workplace, pre-and-post offer. Learn how to select employees that will be as committed to safety as you are.

3.      50 Ways to Market Your Small Business: ($45.00)
Wednesday October 26, 9:00 am-12:00 pm,
Boulder Public Library Main Branch
1001 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder, CO 80302

Speaker Maureen Kanwischer will lead a seminar on focusing your business’ marketing strategy to utilize its most effective tactics. This workshop is designed for business owners of all types to revamp the way you consider marketing.

4.       Tax Considerations for Small Businesses: ($45.00)
Thursday, November 03, 9:30 am – 12:00 pm
Boulder Small Business Development Center
528 Main Street Longmont, Co. 80501

Multiple speakers from Accounting, and Tax fields link-up to create a seminar geared towards developing small business owner’s understandings in topics such as choice of entity, filing requirements, business expenses, health insurance and more!

5.      October Networking Mixer @ Centennial Bank and Trust: (Free with RSVP)
Wednesday October 26th, 5:00 – 7:00 pm,
Centennial Bank and Trust Branch
199 S. Briggs Street, Erie

Small business owners, employees, friends and family are invited to a relaxing gathering complete with great food and drink. Come connect with old friends, meet new clients, and learn more about the local businesses in this community.

Getting out in the community is a great way for a business leader to show their customer base that they have their best interests in mind. It’s also a great way to meet new clients and reconnect with old friends.

Top 4 Reasons Companies are Moving Their Businesses to Boulder

We know how amazing it is to own a business in Boulder, but other businesses are just starting to figure it out! Businesses continue to relocate or expand to Boulder County and here is why:


Quality Workers: When a company is looking to expand it is important to find a location that matches the growth needs in the key areas of business, sales and development. Coloradans have a “work hard, play hard” motive, this especially being true in Boulder. With the appeal for a growing business workforce and year-round outdoor activities, companies and workers alike show excitement in the diverse city of Boulder.

Vast Talent Pool: The combination of abundant, talented employees, business-friendly environment, and appealing long term lifestyle make Boulder a perfect fit for businesses looking to find a new home. The want for a year-round lifestyle that supports productive work-life and family-life balance has become a deciding factor for workers when deciding where to work. Luckily, many talented professionals seek a rewarding lifestyle for all their hard work they have done to get to this successful point in their lives – and Boulder is the ultimate encompassing lifestyle environment.

A Sense of Community: Boulder residents want and establish a family of like-minded individuals and businesses that strive to bring out the best in the community, public areas, outdoor activities, business culture and social circles. As a business, it is easy to sit alone on your own island with the support from your clients but little to no support from your fellow business neighbors. To break through the norms, moving to Boulder will establish the best fit for you to have positive input and output.

Environmentally Conscious: It is easy to establish your business in a metro area for easy access to vendors, clients and accessibility. Unfortunately, areas like this can be blind to the “going green” movement. Establishing your company in Boulder will help you implement environmentally friendly decisions within the workplace.

Arrow established in Boulder brings us to appreciate the talented, quality workers, community-like relationship between businesses in the area, and especially the “going green” mindset we are exposed and embraced in.

Boulder Meetups

Boulder, CO

Boulder is a great area for small businesses and professionals, but sometimes it can be difficult to meet and network with those people. Boulder is the host of multiple professional Meetups where you can mingle with people in your industry and profession. Here a few great meetups we suggest attending:

Boulder  Business Women’s Network
This is an organization of Colorado business women in the Denver-Boulder area that focus on educating and mentoring women in business and help them to achieve their goals.

The Four Hour Work Week Entrepreneurs
Based on the book by Timothy Ferriss, this group meets to discuss their findings from the book and how the contents within can change your life and make it more leisurely.

Flatirons Professionals Network
Come meet and talk in a casual atmosphere with Boulder area professionals about what you and your business are up to.

Green Drinks Boulder
Have a drink with Boulder area professionals and share tips about how to develop your business in an environmentally sustainable manner.