Love Where You Live: 5 Local Charities to Give to this Winter

Arrow has seen its community blossom into one of the most giving communities in Colorado, offering many charities and foundations to donate to during the holidays. Here are five charities that encourage the entrepreneurial spirit of the holiday bustle.

Boulder Charities

1.   Boulder Bridge House

The Boulder Bridge House creates opportunity for Colorado’s homeless and working poor by offering housing support, hygiene, and job placement services. Their Ready-to-Work program teaches homeless adults job skills while providing them a chance to earn and save some money to ease their eventual societal transition.

2.   Paradox Sports

Paradox changes how someone who’s disabled views their disability by giving them an inspirational opportunity to overcome any fears of their body. In 2015 they helped over 450 people suffering from various (dis)abilities such as spinal cord contusions, amputation/limb difference, PTSD, and more.

3.   Anthony H. Kruse Foundation

This foundation is the largest private, non-operating foundation in Boulder, and the 10th largest in the state. They focus on developing opportunities for youth including education, health, and wellness.

4.   Boulder Ballet

Devoted artists and entrepreneurs share the same spirit. Typically, the holiday season is a busy time for ballet troupes. They’re performing The Nutcracker from Thanksgiving through the New Year; routinely pulling multiple shows per day.

5.   Community Foundation: Boulder County

For 25 years, the Community Foundation has been growing a culture of philanthropy and making a difference in Boulder County. Through informed decision-making, they inspire ideas, ignite action and mobilize diverse resources to improve the quality of life for everyone in Boulder County.

As easy as it is to become entrenched in the holiday shopping bustle, it’s just as easy to budget in some charitable spending.

Love Where You Live: Top 10 Local Boulder Coffee Shops with that Colorado Feel

Whether you’ve just moved to Colorado or are just blowing through, these coffee shops will give you an experience truly unique to the square state.

1.      Pekoe Sip HouseBoulder, Co.

Yelp Rating: 4 stars

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

They offer a wide variety of teas, coffees, and other drinks that are sure to leave you wondering why you ever bought commercial products in the first place. Skip the line and order online! Pekoe offers natural food and drinks that are as refreshing as mountain air.

2.      Village Coffee Boulder, Co.

Yelp Rating: 4.5 stars

Social Media: Facebook

Village Coffee is the perfect early morning or late afternoon spot to enjoy a tall coffee. What makes it unique to Colorado is its simplicity. Its open floor plan, complete with breakfast bar and dining area, make it very easy to interact with everyone around you. It’s a communal kind of place.

3. East Simpson Coffee Company Lafayette, Co.

Yelp Rating: 4.5 stars

Social Media: Facebook, Instagram

Located in Historic Old Town Lafayette, East Simpson is a collision of the past and present, all rolled up like one of their Toasted Hot Pockets. East Simpson Street was the epicenter of mining and excavation work at the turn of the 20th century, and is credited as the starting place of commercial business in Lafayette. East Simpson Coffee Company is well aware of this history, and displays it with pride.

4.      Java Stop Longmont, Co.

Yelp Rating: 4.5 stars

Located on Main Street in the heat of Downtown Longmont, Javastop has been named the best coffee shop in town, “hands down”, by locals and passers-by alike. It has a warm, rustic, atmosphere, pairs well with the local art on the walls and the smell of fresh baked muffins in the air.

5.      Boxcar Coffee RoastersBoulder, Co.

Yelp Rating: 4.5 stars

Social Media: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram

Known for their espresso art and delectable pastries, Boxcar is a must-see for anyone visiting Boulder, or a local looking for a new hangout. Each employee is dressed in a vest and bowtie, giving Boxcar an air of sophistication that fits the Colorado feel.

These coffee shops are great to take clients to for meetings and lunches. Their authentic Colorado feel will give your clients a sense of the local community your business represents.

Does Your Chair Match Your Personality

Your chair IS the most important item of all your office products. The office chair is where you spend eight hours a day getting the job done. Whether you are the Office Admin Assistant, the Coder or the CEO, the chair you sit in all day says a lot about who you are and what you do in your professional life. Luckily, we’ve picked out some of the office chairs we think fit your personality the best, ones that will help you get on the right track in 2016.


1. Problem-Solving Harriet

Not only do you keep the schedule of the CEO and board members perfectly, you also know right where everything is, and take on tasks not everyone else wants to handle. The phrase “kind but firm” comes to mind when other people describe you. The Lorell Exective Mesh Back Chair might be for you. Let’s face it, you should be an executive due to everything you know and the control you have over executive’s lives (aka schedule). This chair is supportive, flexible and made for an executive. This chair was made for you, problem-solving Harriet, you deserve it.


Item #: LLR86200

2. Head Honcho Mark

You built this business from the ground up. You almost broke your back building this company and hand-selecting the perfect staff to carry it to the top. You deserve the best of the best. And not only do you deserve the most comfortable chair, you deserve to look absolutely amazing sitting in it. The Lorell Traditional Executive Chair is the only option for you. This chair is classy, elegant, and says a lot about the person sitting in it.

Lorell Traditional Executive Chair-Arrow-Office-Products

Item #: LLR60602

3. Dealin’ Doug

It’s your job to close deals and at the end of the day, bring in new revenue for the business. You are constantly on the phone, spinning about in your chair, standing up, sitting down and waving your arms madly in the air when you close the deal. Who needs chair arms when you’re constantly shaking hands? The Basyx Task Chair is all yours Deal Making Doug. This chair gives you a nice cushion for those long-winded conversations and provides you room to get the job done without being confined to a small space.

Basyx Task Chair Arrow Office Products

Item #: BSXVL210MM10

4. Coding Wizard Trent

You know things other people don’t, like how the entire world is held together. If the boss needed to, you could hack into government servers and erase that nasty little secret he’s been hiding for years. You could make it all go away. You could build his company up to become the next Apple (of course he’d have to cut you in on a really good stock options deal). You write the code. You build the matrix. You deserve the coolest, most supportive, top-of-the-line chair that will support you through your all-day code-writing sessions. The Office Star REVV Series – Self Adjusting SpaceFlex Back Chair with Self Adjusting Mechanism is for you. This space-age chair knows you so well, it self-adjusts to fit your posture and sitting style.

Office Star REVV Series - Self Adjusting SpaceFlex Back Chair - Arrow Office Products

Item #: OSP86M32C625R

How Does Arrow Stand Out?

Arrow Office Products & InteriorsWhy should you pick Arrow Office Products & Interiors as your single-source provider? The answer is simple: convenience. Your focus is primarily on your customer’s needs, your employees’ satisfaction, and your company’s overall profitability, all of which takes a lot of time and energy. We aren’t like the Big Guys, which means that as your local provider we can offer you more bang for your buck.

Not all businesses are the same and we know that what works for the business down the road may not work for you. At Arrow, we’re dedicated to providing your business with all the products and services you need to grow and succeed. We set ourselves apart from the competition in many ways, one being our ArrowStream Process. Our ArrowStream Process improves your business flow with innovative supply management so you can focus on running your business.

We’re proud to be a local company based here in Colorado, and it shows in everything we do! Our team will get to know you on a first-name basis and will work to get you the most competitive pricing. With Arrow, you get everything you need for your office and more. We are always on time, always available, and most importantly, we are always affordable. Contact Arrow today to see what we can do for you.

Spring Organizing in the Office

Have you started your spring cleaning checklist? The weather is warming up and we know that everyone is itching for spring! Spring is a great time to get out and enjoy the fresh air, and it’s also the time where we start to clean out our spaces. At work, spring cleaning is usually left for another crew, but what about organizing? This month, follow these easy steps to organize your workspace.

Get rid of junk
Do you have a lot of unused items and knick-knacks sitting on your desk? We don’t want you to get rid of the quirks that make your space your own, but if there are items that you haven’t used in over 6 months and you’re not quite sure when you’re going to use them again, it might be a good idea to clear it all away.

Arrow Office Products & Interiors

Decorative storage gives any room a fresh look

Vertical storage
Clearing stuff off the floor and away from your feet will make you feel less cluttered. Vertical shelves, wall baskets, wall-mounted or magnetic file holders and hooks are perfect for organizing.

Labeling is the key to creating an organized system. It increases your effectiveness at work, as well as the independence of others who function within your workspace. Label the placement of items and take the time to label boxes and bins on shelves.

Dry erase boards
Do you have a lot of notes all over your desk? How about a daily to-do list? Placing a dry erase board at your desk will help you keep notes and lists all in one spot. Plus, it saves paper!

End the day organized
Spend some time at the end of your day getting your desk in order. It will help you get everything together for the next day and give you a chance to make sure you’ve completed all the tasks that needed to be finished by the end of the day.

Being organized at work will help boost your focus and productivity. Do you have any organization tips? Tell us on our Facebook page.

You Don’t Need Luck for Good Service

Are you looking for the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow? Of course not, you’re a practical person which is why you’re interested in working with Arrow Office Products & Interiors. We specialize in helping small businesses grow and flourish. With our ArrowStream Process and Bullseye’s House, we work to get your business running at top speed.

If you’re looking for a business that will help you streamline your office demands through inventory management, easy product ordering, quick response with a friendly smile, product expertise, and free next day delivery, then look no further. Our friendly, knowledgeable staff will work with your business to understand your unique needs and find you the best program.

The ArrowStream Process is all about making it happen so you can focus on what you do best, running your business. We set you up with a personal account representative that will listen to your comments and suggestions. You’ll get full inventory management, workspace flow and free next day delivery. We have everything you need to fully furnish your workspace, and we’ll even help you install your furniture.

So this spring, don’t go searching for something that is right in front of you. Contact Arrow Office Products & Interiors today to get started.

Hey Start-Ups! We’ve Got Your Hook Up

Arrow Office Products & InteriorsBoulder is a hotspot for start-up companies because of the unique entrepreneurial culture and because of all the wonderful, creative minds that live here. We’re proud to live in a community where new ideas are encouraged and we want to help.

Arrow Office Products & Interiors works closely with small businesses and entrepreneurs by helping them streamline their office demands. This is easily done through inventory management, easy ordering, quick response, product expertise and Free Next Day Delivery on office supplies. Your hands are full trying to build your company, so we do what we can to take action items off your plate.

One of the biggest steps a start-up takes is getting office space. Getting out of the basement or garage is a giant success! Start-ups run on tight budgets, so to furnish your space we encourage you to check out Bullseye’s House. Here you’ll find the largest selection of recycled and alternative furniture in Boulder. When you visit Bullseye’s House, we’ll not only help you find the right furniture for your office – we’ll even help you set it up.

Working with a local business has its perks. If you are an entrepreneur or a startup, contact Arrow to see what we can do for you.

Are You Going to Fall Fest?

We’ve been serving Boulder County and surrounding areas for more than 46 years. In that time we’ve grown to love our community and the people in it. Boulder is a great place for neighbors to hang out and get to know each other, which is why we’re wondering – are you going to Fall Fest?

Fall Fest Downtown Boulder

Downtown Boulder’s Fall Fest is a 3-day, family friendly, autumn festival that features local food and entertainment. There will be a children’s carnival and more than 30 artisan booths on Saturday and Sunday, all along the Pearl Street Mall.

Like we mentioned earlier, we love Boulder. If you’re in the area, stop by Fall Fest and support all the local artists. Boulder is full of local businesses, like us, and it’s the support of the community that lets us all thrive.

Bike to Work Day Boulder

June is Walk and Bike month here in Boulder and June 26th is bike to work day! Join us for more than 50 free events for everyone, including mountain biking, running races, scavenger hunts and more. The main event is on the 26th where everyone is encouraged to either bike or walk to work. There will be 45 breakfast stations around Boulder for you to grab a quick snack and chat with fellow bikers.

This annual event is part of an ongoing process to educate the public of the harmful effects for car emissions. Bike commuting reduces our carbon footprint, promotes health, decreased traffic and leaves you feeling energized. So join us!

Biking is easy and fun but accidents do happen. Here are a few safety tips to remember.

  • Wear a helmet.
  • Be alert! You can see cars but they can’t always see you.
  • If you’re going to ride your bike on a street, follow the rules of the road! Stop at red lights, stay in your lane (if there is a bike lane) and use hand signals.
  • Leave room for right-turning vehicles when stopped at a red light.
  • There will be more bikers than normal so be respectful of other road, path and trail users.

Prep for Your Weekend 14er

Here in Colorado, we love our mountains! One great way to appreciate the Rockies is to climb to the highest peaks and stand on top of the world. Have you put together the list of 14ers you’re going to conquer this summer? We sure have!

Climbing a 14er takes a lot of strength and endurance. If you’re working hard to properly train, make sure you keep your body healthy while you’re at work. Prep for your hike with Arrow

If you work at a desk, remember to get up every 2 hours and stretch. This can be anything from a few yoga moves to a short walk around the office to get the blood pumping. If your furniture is outdated and causing you stress, Arrow carries a variety of ergonomic furniture to help keep you comfortable. Visit Bullseye’s House, one of the largest used, recycled and alternative brand furniture showrooms in Boulder County.

Staying hydrated is the best way for you to prepare for a 14er. Arrow offers water coolers for any office. Hit two birds with one stone and take the long way to the water cooler; you’ll get your stretching in while you hydrate.

Familiarize yourself with the mountain. This means that during your lunch break you should look up where to find the trailhead and read reviews from other hikers. Be prepared for narrow trails and sudden drops. You can familiarize yourself without even setting foot on the mountain.

We love being based in Boulder and fully support the Colorado lifestyle. If your office is full of active employees, contact Arrow to see what products we have to keep everyone healthy and happy.