Why Our Customers Love the ArrowStream Process

At Arrow, we want to give our customers an easy way to use our services. The ArrowStream Process improves your workspace flow and supply management. Lighten your load and focus on what you do best, running your business. Here are the ArrowStream Process helps bring peace of mind to your office.

We'll Make it Easy

You will have easy access to your personal account representative and direct access to ownership. It is key to us that you are receiving the best customer service possible when using our service. Our team takes priority in listening to your comments and suggestions. Anytime you have a question about the service we can ensure you will be speaking with a real person that genuinely cares about your concerns.

Ordering office products can become time consuming and more of a hassle than it should be. With ArrowStream, you will have access to 60,000 products that can be ordered on line, over the phone, via fax, or by e-mail. After your first order, the inventory manager within the ArrowStream Process will keep your supply closet well stocked with the products you need to run your office smoothly.

Do not worry about expensive delivery fees with all the office products you are needing to stock up on. ArrowStream offers free next day delivery with no minimum order amount. When you are in a pickle and need an emergency delivery, we are available when you need us. If you cannot find what you are looking for through our products we will do the hunting and help place your order with our suppliers to fill your needs in a timely manner. You let our dedicated delivery personnel know where you want the products and we will make sure to get them in and out of the way.

When you are ready to truly optimize your workspace and workflow by obtaining new furniture and a new layout to the office, the Space Planning is done by our professionals with your input and needs as the top priority. The furniture you have carefully selected will be assembled prior to delivery by Arrow team members. You will  not have to waste a day unpacking products, assembling and cleaning packaging messes.

Ultimately, we want you to have one less thing on your plate to worry about. The ArrowStream process is all about making it happen and going the extra mile to help you and your employees or coworkers be your best you can be.

10 Business Hacks To Save Time, Money & Sanity

Work… we work all day and some days it can be very rewarding and other days drag on. Mixing up your routine can add a new spark to your day, but can also save you time, money and sanity. Here are some business hacks to keep your day moving smoothly:

save time

1. Invest in headphones

A good pair of headphones that drown out office noise allow you to get a little pep in your step when you’re feeling bored, as well as drown out benign office noise during the day.

2. Plan a hypothetical vacation.

Just thinking of laying on a remote beach or hiking to the top of a remote mountain can give you a sense of calm when your work day is super stressful. Take a few minutes to ease your mind and get excited about something.

3. Pack snacks.

Not only will you be saving money on vending machine expenses, you can use these snacks to reward yourself for staying focused for a set amount of time. Have an awesome boss? Convince them to stock the break room with snacks, thus giving your wallet and your brain a break by walking away from your desk to eat a little something.

4. Telecommute if possible.

Embrace working from home. It’s not true that you get less work done at home, in fact it’s the opposite. Employees have been shown to get more work done at home when they feel more comfortable in their environment and less pressure from management.

5. Keep meetings short.

The faster you can get your point across, the better. Utilize tools around the office to help you accomplish this, like a whiteboard to write big ideas on. This saves everyone time, and opens up room for meaningful questions about a project instead of a lecture.

6. Use tools to automate when you can.

Take advantage of online tools that can make your work day more efficient. There are numerous project management and automation tools out there that will help you get through your work day faster with the same accuracy, without you having to take the time to do it.

7. Organize your desk.

While it may seem like a waste of time to organize your desk, it actually saves you time and sanity in the long run. Get those papers filed away, wipe off the surface of your desk, and make sure you can always find what you’re looking for in your drawer. Not only will this save you time when you go to look for something, a clutter-free desk helps you focus more on the task at hand.

8. Go outside.

We’re so lucky to live and work in the beautiful city of Boulder, Colorado. Take a 10 minute break and walk around outside. Getting out into the fresh air will rejuvenate your mind, making you more apt to deal with tasks at hand and help you keep your sanity.

9. Make a schedule.

Every morning, answer important emails, then make a list of all of the MOST important things you need to get done that day, and schedule time blocks for them. During these time blocks, don’t answer emails or get distracted, focus on what you’re doing to ensure your big projects keep moving forward.

10. Say something nice to someone.

Whether it’s your boss, manager, co-worker or the janitor that picks up your trash when you stay late at night, saying something nice or giving someone a compliment not only gives them a boost of happiness, it can improve your mood as well.