5 Events in Boulder this Fall for Small Business Owners

Networking is the mainframe of any expanding business. Without it, the business risks becoming unable to adapt when the market changes. It also emphasizes that positive community relationships are paramount to a successful business.

Here are a few networking opportunities this fall for small business owners in Boulder County:

1.      Strategic Connections Flat Irons 2016 Open House: (Free)
Thursday October 20, 7:30-9:30 AM MDT,
TBD Boulder, Co.

The Colorado Thought Leaders Forum holds this event to bring an open forum for sharing valuable, timely information among business leaders that influence not only the business leader themselves, but the business as a whole.

2.      2016 Workers Comp. Safety Seminar: Safety Through Good Hiring Practices: (Free)
Wednesday October 26, 11:00 am-12:52 pm, RSVP by October 25th
Longmont Chamber Commerce Room:
528 Main St. Longmont Co. 80501

This course offers attendee’s the opportunity to learn how to safely introduce employees to your workplace, pre-and-post offer. Learn how to select employees that will be as committed to safety as you are.

3.      50 Ways to Market Your Small Business: ($45.00)
Wednesday October 26, 9:00 am-12:00 pm,
Boulder Public Library Main Branch
1001 Arapahoe Avenue, Boulder, CO 80302

Speaker Maureen Kanwischer will lead a seminar on focusing your business’ marketing strategy to utilize its most effective tactics. This workshop is designed for business owners of all types to revamp the way you consider marketing.

4.       Tax Considerations for Small Businesses: ($45.00)
Thursday, November 03, 9:30 am – 12:00 pm
Boulder Small Business Development Center
528 Main Street Longmont, Co. 80501

Multiple speakers from Accounting, and Tax fields link-up to create a seminar geared towards developing small business owner’s understandings in topics such as choice of entity, filing requirements, business expenses, health insurance and more!

5.      October Networking Mixer @ Centennial Bank and Trust: (Free with RSVP)
Wednesday October 26th, 5:00 – 7:00 pm,
Centennial Bank and Trust Branch
199 S. Briggs Street, Erie

Small business owners, employees, friends and family are invited to a relaxing gathering complete with great food and drink. Come connect with old friends, meet new clients, and learn more about the local businesses in this community.

Getting out in the community is a great way for a business leader to show their customer base that they have their best interests in mind. It’s also a great way to meet new clients and reconnect with old friends.

Top 10 Reasons to Launch Your Startup in Boulder

startup boulder

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Colorado has been known for attracting small businesses and for producing startups, including Arrow! Why is that? Our home in Boulder County is particularly popular for entrepreneurs for the following reasons:

1. Friendliness

Our fine Boulder County citizens will argue that there are no friendlier people located in any other part of the country than in Boulder Colorado. It’s not just that people are generally friendly here, they’re happy! When you’re starting a business, being surrounded by friendly and happy people is a huge plus.

2. Ease of Starting A Business

Thanks to Boulder Country programs and other local businesses, it is easier to start a business in Boulder than anywhere else in the country. When polled, 18,000 U.S. small business owners ranked Boulder as one of the Top 10 places in America to launch a company.

3. Licensing

When it comes to the rigmarole of obtaining licensing for any kind of small business, Boulder County keeps it as open and as simple as humanly possible, making it easy for small business owners and entrepreneurs to get their ideas off the ground.

4. Training Opportunities

There is no shortage of training opportunities in Boulder and surrounding areas like Broomfield and Longmont. Take a free class! Attend a seminar. Call up the Boulder Small Business Bureau and see what trainings they offer in your field–we guarantee you’ll have a few to choose from.

5. Tax Code

Need we explain more? An easy-to-navigate tax code in Boulder keeps startup founders and entrepreneurs from splitting their heads open when starting their business. Who doesn’t value that?

6. Health & Safety

Here in Boulder, we have an amazing array of activities to do outside the office. This keeps us happy, healthy and rounds out our work/life balance very nicely. Boulder is an extremely safe city with relatively low traffic and low crime, so it’s a safe place to be too.

7. Employment

There is no shortage of people who want to work in Boulder. Whether your staffing needs are small or large, you’ll find happy, healthy people all over Boulder who will jump at the chance to work with you.

8. Startup Scene

Boulder County has been lucky enough to see an influx of startups over the past few years. This makes it an ideal place for new entrepreneurs to start their businesses in Boulder–there are already people here who know the lay of the land and are making it work! If they can do it, so can you. Not to mention the camaraderie that comes with building your small business in a town full of other small businesses.

9. University of Colorado Boulder

A college town is a perfect place to bring your ideas to life. There is no shortage of hunger youngsters willing to work for free as interns, and there are great ideas coming straight out of college to inspire you. Have a new product you’d like to test? Who better to use as testers than college kids?

10. Support

Last but certainly not least, Boulder has an over abundant support system for entrepreneurs and small business owners. The Boulder Small Business Bureau goes above and beyond to provide support for all small businesses in the area, as well as work with other groups and programs to make sure Boulder businesses have all the tools they need to succeed.

Make it Happen!

Arrow Office Products and Interiors is all about making it happen! We work closely with small businesses and entrepreneurs by helping them streamline their office demands. It’s because of our close relationship with startups that we’re excited to spread the word about Boulder Startup week May 15th through the 19th. Boulder Startup Week 2013

Boulder is a hotspot for startup companies because of the unique entrepreneurial culture. Startup Week is a 5-day event that encourages everyone to get together and chat about work, share ideas and network. No registration is necessary and you set your own schedule.

We’re proud to be part of such a growing community. While you’re out meeting new faces, don’t forget that Arrow has what your business needs to point you in the right direction.